'apostrov #3 : kdonovan «air vent»

3" cd-r, dual-mono 45 minutes, custom package, 150 copies.

air vent is a project that takes natural sounds out of their specific location, the sounds of peoples personal spaces [via mobile telephone] & places them live via radio senders or the internet into new contexts, into diverse locations, into both similar & contrasting environments.

the work stems from ideas based on the relationship between sound & the sound source; natural rhythms & patterns in everyday sound [background noise, dialogue, etc]; the fine line, & often friction between natural & synthetic sound in connection to space; audio & visual perception.

air vent was first realized with juni radio [www.juniradio.net ] at bootlab in berlin. phone calls were made hourly [almost like an alternative news] from berlin to various places throughout the world. participants were invited to 'air their space' for 5 minutes, free to make sound or use the telephone to record sound, in whatever way they wished.

mp3 excerpt1
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info on kdonovan

the project was further progressed during a residency with ‘the fear’ at hull time based arts [www.timebase.org ], from which these recordings were taken. visually, the performance made reference to a typical dj setup, using two telephones instead of turntables. calls were made to mobile phones around the world, recipients were asked to answer their telephone & simply to leave it to record the natural background noise of their immediate environment, to convey their specific time/space/situation through sound. these calls were broadcast at the htba a:nx performance space & sent live via the internet to other environments.